Learning Center 9


We are created a Learning Corner within a cancer halfway house for poor families. We are partnered with Bahay Aruga, a nonprofit organization based in Manila, to create a learning corner within its premises to provide books, school, art and learning supplies and toys for the children so that they can continue to learn while going through treatment.  Our goal is to help improve the quality of life of the patients while going on treatment.

Bahay Aruga provides free accommodation to outpatient pediatric cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy and/or medical treatment. There are only a handful of cancer treatment centers in the Philippines, and most of them are in Manila. The pediatric cancer patients living in Bahay Aruga are from the provinces and are in Manila for treatment. The families are too poor to afford housing while undergoing treatment.

Aside from the learning center, we raised money to get them an ambulance/car service for the children. The ambulance is used to bring the 30+ kids to and from their treatment and doctor appointments so that they do not have to take public transportation ┬áIt’s not ideal for children to be exposed to pollution while undergoing treatment and this ambulance would help in their recovery.